• Ручное управление раздаточной коробкой
  • Удовольствие от "классического" привода 2Н
  • Надежность прохождения сложных участков в 4Н

About SuperTOD II

SuperTOD II, or SuperTod 2, a device designed for manual control of a TOD of KIA Sorento BL cars for 2002-2009, 2011 release. These cars were equipped with a BorgWarner's TOD (torque on demand - torque on demand) transfer case, which allows using two modes of operation: automatic and low mode 4LOW.

During the operation of vehicles with this type of a transmission, certain shortcomings were identified. In particular, the connection of the front axle takes place with a delay associated with the program laid down in the algorithm of the TOD control unit. The rear wheels must first enter the axle box in order for the front axle connection process to start. It takes time, which in difficult traffic conditions can play a cruel joke. You can get stuck where on a locked front bridge you pass easily.

To eliminate these drawbacks, so-called "supertodes" have been developed. The devices made it possible to intercept the control of the TOD control unit and use an extended range of transfer box modes, including 2H and 4H.

SuperTOD II - devices manufactured by BlkDem, isolated in a separate branch of evolution, have 3 varieties, which are represented in the store.

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